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Relationship between County and National Governments

The functions and powers of the National and Gounty Government are clearly defined in the constitution. A function of power of government at one level, maybe transferred to another level if it will be more effectively performed by the receiving Government. Counties will receive money from the national government. Some services will be managed by the national government such as defense, foreign affairs, citizenship and immigration, while other like agriculture, health and control of pollution will be managed by the county government. Election for both national and county assemblies will be held on the same date supervised by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

Government at each level may set up joint committees and joint authorities. Government at either level will perform its function in a manner that respects the functional and institutional integrity of government at the other level. Government at either level shall liase with government at the other level for the purpose of exchanging information. In case of dispute between the two levels of government, attempts will be made by both governments to solve the dispute in accordance with the law.