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Application Areas

Application areas of Information and Communications Technology.


Retail Systems

Electronic Point of Sale

The point of sale systems that is connected to a computer is known as an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS).

Stock control

Reservation Systems and Communication Systems

ICT has facilitated communication of data and information using high speed electronic devices very effectively and efficiently. These devices include computers, mobile phones, radios and television.

ICT has facilitated communication in the following ways.


Communication Systems.

Video conferencing





Computer Aided Instructions



Computer based simulation

Industrial systems


Weather forecasting


Space exploration

Major research bodies such as NASA use very powerful super computers to process complex tasks that are used in space programs. The space ships are also controlled using special software.

On the educational arena, user friendly software such as The Worldwide Telescope from Microsoft and Google earth are used by students to explore the outer space.


ICT have been integrated in transport to facilitate navigation, tracking and control of both vehicles, ships and airplanes. Advance technology has enable security features to be embedded in transport vehicles that updates a database in real time.Factors such as fuel consumption, speed, routes are all recorded.

Transportation Systems

Air traffic control

Head Mounted Display (H.M.D)/Goggles
The headset has 2 miniature television screens one for each eye the HMD is connected to the computer using a wire the images produce a 3 dimensional view's the users head moves the computer updates the 2 images.Thus the user feels he or she is looking around inside a computer generated worlds.each ear has a speaker the sound relates to the 3 Dimensional view

The gloves have sensors that collect data about the movement of the hands and relay the data into the system. They create an illusion that the user is handling objects in the computer world.

Body suit

This is made of conductor wires in a rubber suit. The wires sense the body movement and relays the data into the virtual reality system .This in turn adjusts the position of the user in the virtual reality world.

Library systems


Health expert systems


Computers are used in accounting to process records of financial transactions of a business e.g. some accounting packages like QuickBooks are used to prepare balance sheets, cashbooks, trial balances and profit and loss statement. Computers are also used in business to manage accounts receivable, accounts payable and also to perform billing.


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