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Lesson objectives

By the end of the lesson you should be able to:

  • identify all the farm tools and equipment
  • describe the use of various tools and equipment appropriately
  • explain appropriate maintenance practices on tools and equipment
  • demonstrate full appreciation for care and maintenance of tools
  • name various parts of farm tools and equipment.

These includes simple instruments held in the hand to perform a particular operation and equipment are more complicated and specific to given operations. In this lesson they are classified as follows Garden tools and equipment are used in crop production operations.

Livestock tools and equipment are used in livestock management practices
Plumbing tools and equipment are used for fitting and repairing water systems.

Masonry tools and equipment are used for construction using stones, bricks and concrete. 

Workshop tools and equipment are used for construction and maintenance of farm tools, equipments and structures as illustrated below


Uses of garden tools and equipment

There are many field management practices that are done on crops, such as pruning, pest and disease control, watering among others.
The effectiveness and efficiency of these practices require the use of appropriate tools and equipment.

Curved blade panga

Used for cutting grass, weeding and slashing.
N/B slashing means making a sweeping cut


Used for felling trees



Used for removing roots and large stones


Used for cultivating land or weeding crops

Fork jembe

Used for removing roots and large stones,
Breaking heavy soils,
Digging hard soils.


Used for lifting soil
Applying manure



Used for transporting heavy loads in the farm

Watering can

Used for irrigating seedling in the nursery
N/B:irrigation is the sufficient application of water to plants artificially

Spring balance

Used for weighing farm produce in small quantities



Used for leveling prepared land
Removing weeds from the farm


Soil auger

Used for making holes and soil sampling

Knapsack sprayer


Used for spraying chemical solutions
N/B:spray means liquid sent in the air in tiny drops


Used for irrigating plants overhead

Hose pipe

Used when moving water in the farm for animals or plants

Garden shear

Used for trimming hedges and shrubs


Used for pruning soft branches of trees

Garden trowel

Used for lifting seedling from the nursery bed

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