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German Report

27.0 GERMAN (502)

German is examined in the following three papers; -

Paper 1(502/1) - This paper tests Listening and Writing Skills(functional and creative)

Paper 2 (502/2) - This paper tests Grammar and Reading Comprehension

Paper 3 (502/3) - This paper tests Reading and Oral skills (communication skills) this includes Intonation and Pronunciation.


The table below shows the performance of candidates in German in the years 2009 and 2010.
Table 33: Candidates Overall Performance in German for the last two years

Year Paper Candidature Max.
Mean Score Standard Deviation
2009 2
381 35
2010 2
407 35

The following observations can be made from the table above:

27.1.1 There was a slight decline in the general performance of the candidates in the year 2010 examination as compared to the candidates in the year 2009. The subject mean was lower by th48.
27.1.2 The candidature increased by 26 in the year 2010 as compared to the year 2009.

27.2 PAPER 1 (502/1)

This paper tests listening skills, writing skills and vocabulary. Section 1 tests general, selective and detailed listening and section II tests writing skills and vocabulary. In section II, the candidates are expected to write a composition in form of a letter or an essay of about 250 words. The paper carries a maximum of 35 marks.


Candidates had many spelling mistakes in their answers and this led to misunderstanding because in some cases the wrongly spelt words produced a different word altogether. In the composition, candidates seemed not to have understood the guidelines due to lack of mastery of vocabulary and expressions.

Advice to teachers

Teachers should lay more emphasis on orthography. Learners should be exposed to more literature, texts and practice writing more. The teachers should ensure that the schools are well equipped in the area of listening, by both acquiring a cassette player and the relevant cassettes from ICE and Goethe Institute.

The teachers should invest more in their knowledge of the language. This will then motivate them to teach better and the results will also reflect these efforts.

The basic sentence structures, basic grammar and frequently used expressions should be emphasized in teaching writing and marking the same in the classroom level.
The teachers should use additional materials (supplementary) to enrich vocabulary and expressions.

27.3 PAPER 2 (502/2)

Grammar and Reading skills are tested in this paper. These Iwo form section I and II, Grammar in section 1 and Reading comprehension in section 11. In section I, the candidates are expected to fill in blanks in given 166

sentences, combine or change sentences according to their grammatical structure and/or rewrite sentences in accordance to the instructions. In section II candidates are expected to read and respond to questions on a fictional and non- fictional text.


Section I The questions seemed too easy at a glance and the candidates answered them without careful thought missing out on the key issues in grammatical rules. Learners had problems in applying the learnt grammar in new situations as asked for in the Examination.

Section II The tendency to lifting whole excerpts from the texts is still rampant even for questions that need analysis and interpretation.

Advice to teachers

Students need to be given more exercises in grammar to internalize the rules that govern the formation of sentences in different situations.

A reading widely culture should also be nurtured among the students. This will help learners to acquire reading strategies and also how to reformulate sentences using own words without changing the meaning when answering the questions. More practice with varied texts will give learners more necessary confidence to attempt new texts and avoid lifting excerpts from the texts.

27.4 PAPER 3 (502/3)

This paper consists of a reading aloud passage, a presentation of a chosen topic and a discussion with the examiners on the already presented topic or a related one. Articulation, pronunciation and intonation are tested.


The following sounds presented a challenge to the candidates; /s/ /z/ /ch/ /o/ /a/ /u/ They also had a problem distinguishing between long and short vowels. Correct sentence construction when epeaking was a problem for many candidates, some students were nervous despite having prepared well.

Advice to teachers

Exposure to authentic German materials - oral and written is highly encouraged. This will assist the learners to develop spontaneity when expressing themselves. The integration of reading and pronunciation in the learning process is highly recommended. Teachers should put a deliberate effort to train pronunciation, articulation and intonation. When training, teachers should use cassettes with varied, authentic recorded passages.

In order to train rich, well-organised presentations, debates and class discussions should be encouraged. Oral book reports should be encouraged in the German club and presented regularly in class together with free talks on various interesting topics to practice vocabulary and self expression.

Students should be trained in presentation skills and use of appropriate phrases in dialogues.


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