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Revision has Never been so Easy I will start by telling you a "short" story In the early 70s , text books were a rare thing to come by, I remember when I was in standard 3 : there used to be a book called student companion. This book contained all the subjects studied at primary school level at that time. The author of the book was a Malkiat Singh

The book was "expensive" and most parents could not afford to buy it at that particular point in time. An average person earned 250/- per month as salary. The book went for about 25/- , that was a clean tenth of someone's whole monthly salary. There happened to be a student John ( not his real name) who owned this book and he lived across some 5 solid villages away. That was some 20 km away and within the 20km radius nobody else owned a similar book. To have access to John's book you had to sweet talk him. It's a weekend and you make a journey to Johns village to peruse the only book across the 5 villages. You set on a journey early one Saturday morning at 5.00 am to John's home which takes you a good 10hrs plus to arrive at johns village

John forgot that you had booked to read his book and is not aware that you were to pay a visit. The moment you reach his village, his mother tells you that John left the previous evening to his aunt's place. You do some a bit of calculation and decide that you can't foot back to your home before seeing John. You are given somewhere to put your head with the hope of seeing John the following morning which would be a Sunday. You wait until 2:00 pm, John has not yet surfaced You wait a little longer and surely John arrives at close to 5.00pm. Its good news you are able to see John but the "sweet" part of the story is that John lend the student companion to another Mr. kajony'jony' who never bothered to return the book as per their agreement. This guy lives another 3 villages across a thick forest. Mother luck is not on your side and you start calculating the next move which is obviously trekking back home a distance of over 20km after 6pm. 2 days searching for a book that you did not manage to get, trekking more than 40 kilometers and a total waste of energy all in the name of thirst to study. This is just a tip of the iceberg of some of the ordeals we went through in the quest for knowledge You as a "present generation" have every educational materials at your arms length yet you don't care, you are not self driven, have no motivation to study and the list goes on and on and on. Think wisely my friend, Now you can listen to audio mp3s at the comfort of you chair. Just sit back and listen to a complete Syllabus in MP3 Audio from your laptop or mobile phone, you can even rest on you back an just listen as a revision to your studies. MP3 audios are available for forms 1 and 2 for all topics and all subjects Register Now as a Gold Member and get all the material after registration. This is a high Tech. Era. Wake up man and score quality grades by using these facilities before it's too late. All the MP3 Audio Lectures below can be downloaded from your Gold Member account without further charges Agriculture MP3 Audio Lectures Biology MP3 Audio Lectures MP3 Audio Lectures Chemistry MP3 Audio Lectures Computer MP3 Audio Lectures CRE MP3 Audio Lectures English MP3 Audio Lectures Geography MP3 Audio Lectures History MP3 Audio Lectures science MP3 Audio Lectures Kiswahili MP3 Audio Lectures MP3 Audio Lectures Physics MP3 Audio Lectures

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