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KCSE ONLINE Website provide KCSE, KCPE and MOCK Past Papers which play a great role in students performance in the KCSE examination. KCSE mock past papers serves as a good motivation as well as revision material for the major exam the Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE).

Choosing the KCSE mock examination revision material saves you a lot of time spent during revision for KCSE. It is also cost effective.

Mock Past Papers, give you an actual exam situation in readiness for your forthcoming national examination from the Kenya National Examination Council KNEC.

Register Now at KCSE ONLINE as a Silver or Gold Member to Login to 2015 KCSE MOCK past papers Online if you want Good Knec KCSE 2015 Results now that the KCSE 2014 Results Release anxiety is gone. KCSE Online Results are expected to be posted to the KNEC website knec.ac.ke any time Now. 

County Mock Papers

We will be providing our members with Mock Past Papers as soon as the papers are Done. Register for Gold Membership to reap the benefits of getting Revision Past Papers, Topical Revision Booklets, Kcse Computer Projects and Coursework Materials on e-content CD.

Kcse Online Gold Membership Registration

As a student, you will have access to the most important resources that can help you understand what is required for you to sit and pass your KCSE examination and proceed to secondary school or gain entry to University admission respectively.

Buy 1 Coursework DVD Disc and get a FREE Gold membership Registration plan for two consecutive years. This e-Content Digital CD covers all the topics for a particular class per year. english coursework CD

One CDs costs 1200/- ( Per Subject per Class ).  Click on the blue link to find out if you have adobe Flash Player Installed.

Install ADOBE FLASH PLAYER Version 16 or later to watch the eContent CD. Purchase Online and have the CD sent to your nearest Parcel Service.

Pay the amount to Patrick on the number 0721806317 by M-PESA  or Airtel Money 0733335696 then provide the address for delivery of your Parcel. Ask for clarification first if in doubt. 

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Silver or Gold membership Registration Plans

Both Silver membership registration or Gold membership registration  at KCSE ONLINE go for One Year. You access KCPE , KCSE and MOCK PAST PAPERS. Get other Educational Resources listed at the bottom of this page. Silver Membership registration fee is Ksh. 300 while Gold membership registration fee is Ksh.1000 (10 Euros) Once registered, all the resources can be downloaded, read or printed without further charges

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