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academy of graphic technologies

Academy of Graphic Technologies

Business Details
Address: Academy of Graphic Technologies
Categories: General info
Location: Kul Graphics Building Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road
Postal Address: P.O. Box 18095, Nairobi , 00500
Telephone: 020-6531106, 2679427, 554193
Mobile: 0723-743735, 0721-871472
Email: marketing@agt.co.ke  

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Agriculture Form I - IV
Biology Form I - IV
Business Education Form I - IV
Chemistry Form I - IV
Computer Form I - IV
CRE Form I - IV
English Form I - IV
Geography Form I - IV



History Form I - IV
Home Science Form I - IV
IRE Form I - IV
Kiswahili Form I - III
Kiswahili Form IV
Mathematics Form I - IV
Music Form I - IV
Physics Form I - IV

The KCSE grading system varies according to overall performance of candidates in the national exam KCSE.
Generally, the KCSE grading system is as shown on the right: 

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General Grading

80-100%  A   12
75-79%   A-  11
70-74%   B+  10
65-69%   B    9
60-64%   B-   8
55-59%   C+  7
50-54%   C    6
45-49%   C-   5
40-44      D+  4
35-39     D     3
30-34     D-   2
0-29%     E    1

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We have an enourmous quiz bank of past papers ranging from 1995 - 2017

Download National Examination Timetables are from Kcse online. KCSE and KCPE Results can also be accessed using this website as a portal.

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Sanifu Schemes 7

SCIA Schemes 7
Science in Action 1
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Science schemes class 3
Social Schemes Class 3

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Candidate benefit from our quick revision booklets which are comprehensive and how to tackle examination question methods.

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Biology Form 1

Listed below are the main topics covered in Biology


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