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Biology is a science. It is the study of living things in their environment. The word Biology is derived from two Greek words: Bios which means life and logos which means knowledge. People who study Biology are called Biologists. In this session you will learn about


By the end of the lesson you should be able to: Define biology List at least five branches of Biology. Explain ways in which Biology is important in our every day life. State the characteristics of living things. State the main observable differences between plants and animals.

Branches of Biology

Biology can be divided into various branches. Such branches are named according to which organisms are involved: Botany- the study of plants e.g. Maize.

Zoology - the study of animals e.g. Leopard Microbiology- the study of micro-organisms e.g. bacteria Mycology- the study of fungi e.g. mushrooms , Bacteria Taxonomy refers to study of scientific classification of organisms. Importance of Biology

Study of Biology helps you to develop scientific skills such as planning, observing, classifying, measuring, recording and analyzing. It is also necessary for entry into careers such as Medicine, Teaching, Agriculture and Research.

Scientific research based on Biology has led to development of high yielding and disease-resistant plants and animals. In solving environmental problems such as shortage of food, poor health services misuse of environmental resources e.g. forests, wildlife, water and soil. To know more about living organisms in relation to their environment.


Nutrition: Living things feed. Plants make their own food. Animals feed on ready- made food.

Reproduction: Refers to giving rise to young ones of the same kind. Living things give rise to young ones of their own kind.

Irritability: Living things have the ability to detect and respond to changes in their environment.

Gaseous Exchange: They exchange Carbon (iv) Oxide and Oxygen, across a respiratory surface.

Respiration: They breakdown food in their body cells to release energy. Excretion: They remove waste products of chemical reactions from the body.

Movement: Change in position of part or whole organism.

Growth and Development: They grow. Growth is permanent increase in size and mass of an organism.



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