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Chemistry Reference INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY * BunsenFlame * Bunsen Flame 2 * introduction to chemistry * laboratory apparatus * laboratory apparatus 2 * laboratory apparatus 3 * laboratory apparatus 4 * laboratory apparatus 5 * luminous and non-luminous flame * mixtures * parts of the Bunsen flame * physical properties of gases * properties of matter * safety in the laboratory * what is chemistry SIMPLE CLASSIFICATION OF SUBSTANCES * Action of heat on copper (II) nitrate * action of heat on copper (II) sulphate * application of chromatography * boiling point of water * chemical equations * chemical symbols * chromatography * criteria of purity * crystallisation * crystallizing Copper(II)Sulphate * effect of heat on various substances * effect of impurities on melting and boiling points * effect of impurities on melting and boiling * elements and compounds * extraction of oil from nuts * filtration of sand * filtration * heating curve of impure naphthalene * heating curve of substances * liquid-liquid mixtures * miscible and immiscible liquids * particulate nature of matter * physical and chemical changes * separating ethanol from water * separating miscible liquids * separating sand from water * separation of mixtures * simple classification of substances * simple distillation * solid liquid mixtures * solubility of sodium chloride in water * solubility of substances * solvent extraction * temporary and permanent changes * types of mixtures ACIDS BASES AND INDICATORS * Acids bases and indicators * effect of various solutions on indicators * effects of acids on metals * flower extracts as simple acid-base indicators * ph values * ph values2 * phenolphthalein indicator * properties of acids and bases * reaction of dilute acids with carbonates and hydrogen carbonates * reaction of metals with acids * reactions of acids with bases * the ph scale * universal indicators and the ph scale * uses of acids and bases AIR AND COMBUSTION * Air and combustion * atmospheric pollution * burning magnesium in air * burning metals in oxygen continued * burning metals in oxygen * burning of substances in air * composition of substances in air * conditions favouring rusting of iron * demonstration of the presence of carbon (iv) oxide in air * determining the active part of air using copper * displacement reactions of metal oxides * fractional distillation of liquefied air * how elements compete for combined oxygen * laboratory preparation of oxygen * methods of preventing rusting * percentage of air is used when white phosphorus smoulders * percentage of air used when iron filings rust * products of burning metals in oxygen2 * proportion of air used during combustion * reactivity series for some metals * rusting * uses of oxygen WATER AND HYDROGEN * Laboratory preparation of hydrogen * methods of collecting hydrogen gas * products of burning candle wax * products of burning candle wax1 * products of burning hydrogen in air * properties of hydrogen gas * reaction of metals with cold water and steam * uses of hydrogen * what is formed when hydrogen burns in air REVISION QUESTIONS * Revision questions and answers * revision questions and answers 3 * revision questions and answers 4 * revision questions and answers 5 * revision questions and answers 6 * revision questions and answers 7 * revision questions and answers 8 * revision questions and answers 9 * revision questions and answers10

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