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CRE Past Papers

CRE Past Papers CRE Past Papers The Christian Religious Education tests candidates' knowledge in two papers. Paper one has about twenty structured questions while paper two about six essay type questions. The papers normally assess the following content areas

(i) The Old Testament

i(i) The New Testament. ii(i) The Christian Witness

iv) The African Religious Heritage

v) The Church in Kenya

v(i) Contemporary Christian Living

Gold members have more educational resources. The Kcse past papers in this website include the entire Kcse syllabus meaning it cuts across work done from form 1 to form 4 in the 8-4-4 curriculum

There is a section on notes which also includes the secondary Kcse course with additional detailed notes on the same areas for those who would like further reading.Mp3 lectures are form 1 and 2 syllabus in sound or audio form. you can listen to the whole syllabus by using a computer, an mp3 player, an ipod or a mobile phone. Videos include animated graphics to enhance comprehension of your tuition Register as a Gold Member and Listen to CRE Teacher / Examiner Talk to you on Exam Matters and what it takes to excel in this Subject


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