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ENGLISH PAST PAPERS ENGLISH 101 PAST PAPERS The English language papers tests candidates' capacity to handle the language both at the receptive and productive levels. They test their ability to comprehend the input, mainly the written word, their mastery of the grammar and communicative skills as evidenced in their written work as well as their ability to respond to literary cues and to express their response in an intelligible and effective way

Three papers are offered as follows; Paper 101/1 Tests creative and functional writing; Paper 101/2 Tests summary writing, comprehension and grammar and usage; Paper 101/3 Tests literary knowledge and ability to present clearly argued points in response to questions

CLICK TO PLAY Currently, there are tons of reading material all over. You could be overwhelmed by the magnitude and the rate at which these materials are coming up. I would like to urge the learners that you need to stay focused. Tow the line and do not swerve away from your target, This is the time to turn to the experts to guide you lest you get swallowed into the wave of confusion resulting from lack of focus to concentrate on the kcse syllabus

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