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Geography Form1 Notes

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Geography Form1 Notes

Geography is the scientific study of the earth as the home of human kind. The term Geography is derived from the Greek words: Geo and Graphien. Geo means Earth and graphien means to write, draw or describe. These two words are combined to form Geographein, which means to describe, write about or draw the earth. The description includes the Earth's physical features, resources, climate, animals and people as well as their distribution and the relationships between them. Background to Knowledge

In primary school you learnt

In this subject, you learnt about natural resources like relief features, climate, soil, vegetation and animals. You also learnt about economic activities. Objectives: By the end of the session, you should be able to:- Link some of the concept learnt in to geography. Define the term Geography Define the term Environment Describe the branches of Geography Explain the importance of studying Geography. Definition of Environment

Environment refers to external conditions that surround living things. These conditions influence the behavior or activities of living things. There are two kinds of environment. These are physical and human environment. Branches of Geography

There are two main branches of Geography

geography Human geography

In physical geography, there are four main sub-branches. These are geomorphology, climatology, biogeography and the solar systems. In geomorphology, we learn about formation of mountains, lakes, waterfalls and Rift valleys. In climatology we learn about weather and climate. In Biogeography we learn about soils, animals and vegetation. In the solar system, we learn about planets, asteroids, and moons. Human Geography

In human geography, we study political geography, economic geography and population geography. Different skills are used in the study and understanding of physical and human geography. These skills include the reading and interpretation of maps and photographs, statistics and fieldwork. Importance of studying Geography

What we learn in Geography becomes useful to us as members of the larger community. These are some of the reasons: * Acquisition of skills such as reading, observation, interpretation of maps and calculations. * Acquire awareness on the management and conservation of the environment. * Geography enhances national unity * Its a career subject * Geography is a career subject such as geology, eneering, surveying, remote sensing, meteorology and teaching. Geography enhances international awareness, interactions, and co-operation and teaches interdependence among people. * It also helps us to manage time properly * It provides valuable information that can be used in various human activities.* Helps us acquire positive attitudes and values which enable us to become useful members of the society.

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