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History Booklet

In this subject you will learn about the past and present which will eventually help you understand the future. You will therefore be in a position to recognize the relationship between the events of today and the world of tomorrow. This subject opens you to the universe.

Sources of Information on History and Government This is where information on History and Government is obtained. There are three main sources of historical information:

1. unwritten

2. written

3. electronic

In this lesson we shall discuss only the unwritten sources of historical information. Lesson Objectives By the end of this lesson, you should be able to; 1. identify at least FOUR sources of information on History and Government

2. state the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four sources of information on History and Government. Unwritten Sources They are sources of Historical Information which are not found in any recorded form. They include; oral traditions, Archaeology, Anthropology, Genetics, Linguistics, Paleontology

Oral Traditions : Oral tradition is the passing of information from one person to another or from one generation to another by word of mouth. This information is passed through: Poems Proverbs Riddles Myths Discussions Interviews Stories Folk tales Oral traditions are very important in informing History and Government.

However they have their own advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of oral traditions Oral traditions have the following advantages; it compliments other sources makes history real and practical it is cheap makes history fascinating and interesting

Disadvantages of Oral tradition

Oral traditions have the following disadvantages; Information may be exaggerated some information or facts may be omitted information given maybe biased information obtained may be inaccurate some historical information may be forgotten due to loss of memory Verification of facts is difficult

Historical linguistics is the study of language as it changes in the course of time. It traces the form, content and vocabulary in order to understand the historical background of the people who speak it. Please click on the start button in the animation below to take note of the pronunciation of the word 'person' by different Bantu communities.

Advantages of linguistics

Linguistics has the following advantages; compliments other sources of information on History and Government helps to trace the movement of people and their relationships helps historians to know which groups shared a common ori enables historians to establish links between different communities which were previously unknown

Limitations of Linguistics

Linguistics has the following limitations; it may take a long time to learn a particular language wrong interpretation of linguistic materials may distort historical information, for example, similar words in different communities may have different meanings, for example the word 'mutumia' among the Akamba and the Kikuyu as shown in the following pictures.



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