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Homescience Booklets

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Homescience Booklets

Introduction to may seem like a totally new area to you, since there is no subject known as  in the Primary School Curriculum. However, you actually covered it under and this includes topics such as, the Human Body,  and Nutrition, among others.

Just as you enjoyed learning the above topics in while in Primary School, I am sure you will enjoy learning as a subject on its own in Secondary School.

The following sub-topics will be covered in this topic: Basic sewing tools and equipment The sewing machine


Needlework requires the use of some special tools and equipment which are categorized into two main groups:(i) Small (ii) Large

And are needed for:- Measuring Cutting Transferring pattern markings Sewing Pressing Storage Others


By the end of the lesson you should be able to: State factors to consider when choosing different basic sewing tools and equipment. Describe how to use and care for basic sewing tools and equipment. Measuring Tools Tape measure Measuring Gauge Meter stick


The tape measure should: Be clearly marked on both sides upto 150cm. Be woven and plastic coated to avoid fraying and stretching. Have metal ends. Use and Care

Remove from the work while cutting out; it can be cut accidentally. Roll up when not in use. It should: Be firm. Be clearly matched at right angles. Have several measurements marked. Used for measuring small width. Store after use. Meter Stick

Choice of a Meter Stick

It should be: Made of smooth wood or plastic. Marked clearly. Used to measure long straight lines. Hem Marker



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