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Student Indiscipline Case Study

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Student indiscipline Case Study

As high school teachers, we have dealt with several indiscipline cases whose source of deviance is evidently secular music and movies and the current lifestyle. Most student try to emulate those 'celebs' that they watch over the TV. The media, please, you have a lot to do with the current behaviour of the youth.

Technology has changed alright and were are in the digital era. I join hands with you most of your Material is very relevant and educative but some which I am not going to mention are awful, also mind about the young ones

There are certain instances when as a family watching TV in the main room when one is cornered not to know whether to "order switching off of the TV or walk out quietly due to the shame and disgust put right onto our faces by the local Media.

I Know some of them will curse me with all sorts of replies like "how about porn on the web" but what role are you playing to help the teachers and parents discourage use of drugs, avoid unhealthy coupling relationships etc.

As a parent, you may wonder why your son or daughter is estranged or why your son or daughter is into drugs and yet none of you ( Parents) is a drug abuser! Why is it that many of our boys and girls lose their morals, abandon church attendance or even become juvenile delinquents?

In the recent release report on devil worship in Kenya, it was revealed that several schools worshiped ?Jah? in spite of the fact that the head teachers were unaware of this vice. I have secret notebooks confiscated from a few ?Problematic? students


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