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KCSE RESULTS ONLINE - Secondary Schools - Local Public Secondary

KCSE RESULTS ONLINE - Secondary Schools - Local Public Secondary Schools - Eastern province

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Kyua Secondary School Katangi Road P.O. Box 57, Tala 90131 Tala Eastern Kenya 33, Katangi

Kyumbuni Secondary School P.O. Box 156, Sultan Hamud 90132 Sultan Hamud Eastern Kenya

Kyuso Secondary School Kyuso Road P.O. Box 4, Kyuso 90401 Kyuso Eastern Kenya 044-22033

Kyuu Secondary School P.O Box 11-90125, Kikima Kikima Eastern Kenya

Lema Girls Sec ondary School Kilala Road, Machakos P.O. Box 47, Wamumo 90103 Machakos Eastern Kenya 044-63297

liani Secondary School P.O. Box 11, Kambu Kambu Eastern Kenya

Liyuni Secondary School P.O. Box 85 Kulo Kulo Eastern Kenya 58 Kulo

Lower Chure Mixde Secondary School P.O. Box 37, Nkubu 60202 Nkubu Eastern Kenya

M.C.K Kiangiri Secondary School Itugururu Location P.O. Box 487,Chuka 60400 Chuka Eastern Kenya 0720-369927

Machakos Boys School Machakos Town P.O. Box 39, Machakos 90100 Machakos Eastern Kenya 044-20240, 21728, 0733-855776

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