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KCSE Top 100 Private

Kenya Secondary Ranking Positions & KCSE Performance. that produced KCSE best & top 10 candidates/students in every county.

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Past Exam Papers for KCPE and KCSE

We have an enourmous data quiz bank of past papers ranging from 1995 - 2014 . 

Quick Revision Booklets

Candidates who would want their papers remarked should request for the same within a month after release of the results. Those who will miss out on their results are advised to check with their respective school heads and not with the examination council. . 

Candidate benefit from our quick revision booklets which are comprehensive and how to tackle examination question methods. 

e-Content Digital Multimedia

As a supplementary to coursework content our e-library for digitized multimedia CDs while enhance and ensure that you never missed that important concept during the normal class lessons. It is a Do it Yourself Project

Other Goodies for KCSE ONLINE Members!

Buy 1 Coursework DVD Disc and get a FREE Gold membership plan for two consecutive years. This e-Content Digital CD covers all the topics for a particular class per year. One CDs costs 1200/- ( Per Subject per Class ).

Purchase Online and have the CD sent to your nearest Parcel Service. Pay the amount to Patrick 0721806317 by M-PESA then provide your address for delivery of the Parcel. Ask for clarification if in doubt.

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