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Poor Study Habits

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Poor Study Habits

Most students have always asked me the question as to what the best methods of study entail. Everyone has a different study method or habit. It is important to find your own personal best way to study, one method could work for you but not to someone else.

One person claims to study better with low music at the background while this would be a major distraction for another. Students have often performed very poorly owing to poor methods of study including their environment. In this context i have focused onto some of the problems encountered by students and some possible way of rectifying the problem in question. Peer group discussions

If you opt to include all your friends in your discussion group, then you are doing it at the expense of quality study. I bet most of your time will be better spent socializing.

It is better to say no to some study groups in good time than sacrifice your 4 years in secondary school and emerge with a Grade E. A stitch in time saves nine. Poor studying Environment

A poor study environment makes you uncomfortable and wastes your valuable time. Environment here includes your chair, desk, room, ambient temperature etc. .Long are gone, those days when we used to dip both feet in a basin of cold water to ward away sleep. It was actually punishment but anyway we passed.

A library setting is so designed for convenience in study. Cultivate the culture of liking to study from the library unless you are participating in a discussion.


That old habit of burning the midnight oil in an attempt to read from A-Z is no healthy for you. What have you been doing for 4 solid years to revert to last minute cramming? You touch this , that , place this aside because you've just remembered that you have not read history and so on.

.There is no way you can "digest" material meant for 4 years within 2 days, not even in a couple of weeks. Prepare well in advance. Feeding Behaviour

You may think that this habit is not important but I bet it is   have witnesses several students taking in too much food at any given time. Save for tomorrow also, this is not the end of the road. Eating too much food when studying could mess up your digestive system to an extent that it would make you doze. Remember time is money, utilize it to you best.

 The habit of carrying snacks or candies to school also nags you during study. The moment you remember that snack somewhere it keeps urg you to flee and get a bite. Never take alcohol while studying, you need to be all round sober not to mention that alcohol dehydrates your body. Reading in Bed

Don't waste time pretending to be reading in bed, temptations to falling asleep are high in this environment.

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