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The 3SQR Studying Technique

Before you read, Survey the chapter:

* The title, headings, and subheadings

* captions under pictures, charts, graphs or maps

* review questions or teacher-made study guides

* introductory and concluding paragraphs

* summary Question while you are surveying:

* Turn the title, headings, and/or subheadings into questions;

* Read questions at the end of the chapters or after each subheading;

* Ask yourself, "What did my instructor say about this chapter or subject when it was assigned?

* Ask yourself, "What do I already know about this subject?" Note: If it is helpful to you, write out these questions for consideration. This variation is called SQ3R When you be to Read

* Look for answers to the questions you first raised;

* Answer questions at the bening or end of chapters or study guides

* Reread captions under pictures, graphs, etc.

* Note all the underlined, italicized, bold printed words or phrases

* Study graphic aids

* Reduce your speed for difficult passages

* Stop and reread parts which are not clear

* Read only a section at a time and recite after each section Recite after you've read a section:

* Orally ask yourself questions about what you have just read or summarize, in your own words, what you read

* Take notes from the text but write the information in your own words

* Underline or highlight important points you've just read

* Use the method of recitation which best suits your particular learning style but remember, the more senses you use the more likely you are to remember what you read - i.e.,



Seeing, saying, hearing- QUADRUPLE STRENGTH LEARNING: Seeing , saying , hearing, writing!!! Review: an ongoing process. Day One

* After you have read and recited the entire chapter, write questions in the mars for those points you have highlighted or underlined.

* If you took notes while reciting, write questions for the notes you have taken in the left hand mars of your notebook. Day Two

* Page through the text and/or your notebook to re-acquaint yourself with the important points.

* Cover the right hand column of your text/note-book and orally ask yourself the questions in the left hand mars.* Orally recite or write the answers from memory.

* Make "flash cards" for those questions which give you difficulty.

* Develop mnemonic devices for material which need to be memorized. Days Three, Four and Five

* Alternate between your flash cards and notes and test yourself (orally or in writing) on the questions you formulated.

* Make additional flash cards if necessary. Weekend Using the text and notebook, make a Table of Contents - list all the topics and sub-topics you need to know from the chapter.

From the Table of Contents, make a Study Sheet/ Spatial Map. Recite the information orally and in your own words as you put the Study Sheet/Map together.

Now that you have consolidated all the information you need for that chapter, periodically review the Sheet/Map so that at test time you will not have to cram but employ good study techniques.


Adapted from: Robinson, Francis Pleasant, (1961, 1970) Effective study (4th ed.), Harper & Row, New York, NY


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