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Production of Heat during Respiration

Demonstration to show that heat is produced during germination.

In this experiment some seeds are soaked in water for a day so that they begin to germinate. A second set of beans is boiled to kill them. This is to be used in the control set up. Both sets of peas are then washed in dilute disinfectant, so that the bacteria and fungus are killed.Each set of beans is then put into a vacuum flask. The temperature of each flask is noted and recorded every day for four days.


Note that in the demonstration with unboiled peas the thermometer shows increase in temperature while the boiled seeds does not show increase in temperature. Seeds store food which is broken down during germination to produce energy in form of heat causing a rise in temperature.In the control set up, boiling denatured the enzymes in the seeds. The boiled seeds did not respire and therefore there was no rise in temperature.

This experiment shows that during respiration energy is released.