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Application of Anaerobic Respiration in Industry and at Home

Baking industry; in this picture yeast is being used to break down sugars in the dough anaerobic ally to produce carbon IV oxide which causes the dough to rise. The same principle is applied in our homes as we make mandazi/mahamuti.

Dairy industry; in this pictures bacteria of different types are used to ferment milk to obtain a variety of milk products such as butter, cheese, gees and yoghurt.

Brewing industries; we can see the picture of a brewing industry and some alcoholic products of the industry. When fruits are fermented we obtain wine and when cereals are fermented we get beer. When wine or beer is fermented we obtain spirits.

Tea factory; the principle of fermentation is applied in making tea beverage.

Silage production; Silage is fodder preserved and stored by farmers to provide nutritious food stuff for livestock during dry weather. Silage making is done in silos. It depends on controlled fermentation of the green foliage in the silos.

Compost manure. The preparation of compost manure involves anaerobic respiration.

Biogas production. This is fermentation of domestic waste in air tight pits for the purpose of collecting methane gas as an alternative source of energy.